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Little Navmap Contact and Support


Issues might be already fixed with the latest version. Therefore, check if you have the latest version installed. These are announced on Alex’ Projects. You can also find all releases on GitHub.

Please check these pages first. Your question is probably answered there.

► Frequently asked Questions Solutions for known problems and more.

► Support Forum at Avsim Support and help for users.

► GitHub Issues Tasks and bug reports.

► Install Navigraph Updates Shows how to update the included Navigraph database to the latest cycle.

► Little Navmap User Manual - How to report a Bug

Configuration and Log Files

The chapters Little Navmap User Manual - Logs and Little Navmap User Manual - Menu Tools - Files and Directories describe how to obtain log and other files.

Please compress log and other files before sending them.


Please use either the forum or email to avoid confusion and additional effort. Please do not use both.

The email link below is encoded to avoid spam. You have to click it to open an email editing window.

► Click here to contact me by email (alex AT littlenavmap DOT org) , PGP Public Key (English / Deutsch).