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Little Navmap 3.0.2.beta released

Direct Download

► Windows 64-bit Installer (MSFS and X-Plane) - LittleNavmap-win64-3.0.2.beta-Install.exe
► macOS -
► Linux (64 bit, based on Ubuntu 22.04) - LittleNavmap-linux-22.04-3.0.2.beta.tar.gz

Other Versions:

► Windows 32-bit Installer (only for FSX and P3D) - LittleNavmap-win32-3.0.2.beta-Install.exe
► Linux (64 bit, based on Ubuntu 20.04 for Debian or older systems) - LittleNavmap-linux-20.04-3.0.2.beta.tar.gz

Zipped Windows releases without installer are available in the alternative download locations below or from the release assets at GitHub - Little Navmap Releases - Version 3.0.2.beta (scroll down to Assets).

Alternative Download Locations


This is a beta/test release of Little Navmap which adds new features, user interface improvements and fixes bugs.

Note that the program translations and the user manual have not been updated yet.

See here if you would like to run the beta release besides your stable installation: Little Navmap - User Manual - Portable Execution.

Also update Little Navconnect and Little Xpconnect if you’re using one of these. Little Navmap will show a notification dialog if you use an outdated version of Little Xpconnect. You can still continue to use it, though.

macOS users: Keep in mind that you have to clear the quarantine flag when updating Little Xpconnect. See Little Navmap - User Manual - Clearing the Quarantine Flag on macOS.

If you think the overall appearance of fonts in Little Navmap on Windows is blurry: Remove the file qt.conf in the Little Navmap installation folder. Keep in mind that this will revert map display and performance improvements.

A big thank you to all who reported bugs and issues!

Changes from 3.0.1.beta to 3.0.2.beta

Flight Plan and Export

  • Now assigning runway automatically for STAR and approaches to avoid error messages about runway mismatches. This means that a selected STAR runway changes automatically to the one used by a newly selected approach if the STAR allows multiple runways. The runway of a multi-runway STAR will also be automatically selected for an approach runway already inserted avoiding the runway selection dialog.
  • Fix for PLN flight plan export in MSFS where transitions were not loaded by MSFS due to a missing waypoint. Example: EDDV, using STAR NIE27 and approach NIE.I27RY or approach SAS.I27RZ.
  • Fixed issue where no departure runway could be selected if a plan consisted of only one airport. This can happen when starting to build a flight plan and left menu items in context menus disabled.
  • Corrected wrong warning about VFR when exporting a PLN flight plan for MSFS. This appeared when using a departure or destination runway selection.
  • Better transition detection now when importing MSFS PLN files. Using last STAR waypoint or last en-route waypoint to automatically find a matching approach transition.
  • Fixed issue where runway filters were missing in some cases in procedure search. Example: KIAD and 15L where the runway has only SID and STAR but no approaches.
  • Fixed route description to recognize a STAR which is equal to waypoint after an airway. Example: RJAA OOITA Y40 KAZMA RJFT resulted in No waypoint after airway Y40. KAZMA is STAR as well as a waypoint ending airway Y40. Now adding STAR to plan for these cases.
  • Now generating correct route description for single digit runway. Example: KYKM runway 9 to ‘KYKM/09’.
  • Fixed wrong error message about parking not found after deleting or replacing departure airport.

Map Display

  • Added a reject list for map themes. You will see a warning for broken and discontinued map themes. Uninstall these to silence the warning.
  • Better error checking for theme path in options dialog to avoid accidental selection of the stock theme folder.
  • Updated installer to remove the now unsupported StamenTerrain map theme on update to avoid error messages.
  • Added MapBox Dark and Light map themes. Note that you need a free MapBox account and an API key to use these.
  • Map themes MapBox Outdoors and Satellite Streets updated to latest MapBox theme address.
  • Added option for filtering out FBZ (flight buffer zone) airspaces on page Map Display in section Airspaces. This is on per default and reduces clutter when showing airspaces.
  • Better airspace matching for online airspaces. You can load the files firboundaries.json and traconboundaries.json into the Little Navmap user airspace library to get more real boundaries for VATSIM online centers instead of the generic circles. #490
  • Removed drawing of empty white rectangle on map on startup. Now showing background map like the OpenStreetMap first.
  • Adjusted display of navaids for better visibility on dark maps like CARTO Dark Matter or Mapbox Dark.
  • The empty airport display option is now disabled per default on new installations to avoid confusion also with wrongly labeled 2D airports in X-Plane 12.
  • Fixes for airspace altitude display in information and in map.
  • Adjusted aircraft trail recording to generate more accurate points when flying slow aircraft.
  • Other small improvements in map display.

User Interface

  • Added installation option for Little Xpconnect from main menu Tools -> Install Little Xpconnect in X-Plane plugins. This can be used to install or update the X-Plane plugin from the installation folder. Note that the plugin will be installed in the currently selected X-Plane instance from menu Scenery Library. Do not download the plugin manually. It is included in the Little Navmap download archive.
    • Renamed user interface style Night to Dark.
  • Improved text and icon display for the user interface style Dark.
  • Added option to adjust text size for tab ‘Flight Plan Remarks’ in options on page Display and Text.
  • Fixed bug where cleanup did not work properly in logbook and left over logbook entries which could not be removed.
  • Changed application to catch Windows shutdown which resulted in wrong crash reports. Now exiting program cleanly when shutting down Windows with Little Navmap running.
  • Now safely catching termination signals on Linux. This avoids data loss due to unsaved files when terminating with Ctrl+C from the command line.
  • Now resizing connection and load scenery dialogs to avoid cut off content. Saving size now.
  • Added menu item in Tools -> Files and Directories -> Show GLOBE Offline Elevation Data Installation Directory to open the GLOBE installation folder.
  • Added more clickable blue links for files and folders in information, warning or question dialog windows.
  • Now opening and selecting files in system file manager when clicking on links in dialogs. This is working now for Linux and macOS too.

Web Server

  • Fixed a deadlock resulting in program freeze in HTTP server. This appeared when shutting down with parallel incoming web requests.
  • Updated internal HTTP server by Stefan Frings to latest version from 1.9.0.
  • Corrected excessive logging in HTTP server which can cause stutters.

Scenery Library

  • MSFS: Fixed issues with moved or updated airports when reading scenery library.
  • Doubled number of airspace arc and circle segments for more accuracy.
  • Fixed wrong calculation for airport rating which did not update add-on airports in some cases for MSFS, FSX and P3D.
  • Deleting duplicate navaids now by region, ident and position. This allows to update frequency or type for VOR and NDB on P3D or FSX by add-on.
  • Wrongly built airports like the MS MKJS now keep their procedure information in MSFS despite trying to override it with an empty procedure set. #1085

Note that these changes will be deployed in a future cycle (most likely 2402) and need an updated Navigraph navdatabase.

  • Runways marked as closed are now shown as such when using mode Use Navigraph for all Features.
  • Airport patterns now correctly marked as not available.
  • Runways having one end closed are now positioned correctly. This also resulted in misplaced departure procedures. Example: EDDF runway 18.
  • Fixed issue where circular airspace arcs resulted in self crossing polygons and wrong text placement.

See the included CHANGELOG.txt or here online for a complete list across all versions.

All files are checked by VirusTotal.