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2021-06-09, 12:00

Little Navmap 2.6.13 released

►► This version contains mostly bug fixes, adaption to MSFS scenery library changes, support for the new X-Plane TCAS scheme and a reworked web user interface. ◄◄

Direct Download

► Windows -
► macOS -
► Linux (64 bit, based on Ubuntu 20.04) - LittleNavmap-linux-20.04-2.6.13.tar.gz
► Linux (64 bit, based on Ubuntu 16.04) - LittleNavmap-linux-16.04-2.6.13.tar.gz

Alternative Download Locations

► Dropbox
► OneDrive

Known Issues

Read the linked chapter below to minimize issues when loading flight plans into MSFS:
► User Manual - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Airports and Navdata.

See user manual for general known problems:
► User Manual - Known Problems.

See user manual for limitations and issues around Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020:
► User Manual - Known Problems - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Important Notes

  • You have to update/reinstall Little Navconnect and Little Xpconnect if you use these since the data protocol has changed. This version is compatible with Little Navconnect 2.6.11 and Little Xpconnect 1.0.24 or newer.
  • Aircraft label settings are reset back to default. Adjust these in the options dialog on page Map Display 2.
  • All MSFS scenery library related changes need at least MSFS version 1.16.2 .
  • MSFS users need to reload the scenery library to new features like SID and STAR.
  • Do not use the scenery library mode Do not use Navigraph Database if you have the Navigraph udpate installed. You will see errors in procedures. Instead update the scenery database of Little Navmap using the Navigraph FMS Data Manager.

Changes from 2.6.11 to 2.6.13

Version 2.6.12.beta was an unofficial beta release.

Flight Plans

  • Corrected loading and saving of GPX tracks. Now also saving timestamps and considering disconnected trail segments. A flight where the aircraft was moved or warped during flight results in a straight line connecting the two segments. Changing aircraft, restarting the simulator or Little Navmap results in disconnected trail segments.
  • Fixed issue causing error messages on flight plan elevation profile calculation if destination airport is below sea level and an approach procedure is used.
  • Flight cruise altitude was set wrongly after calculating route with metric altitude units.
  • Now omitting visual reporting points (like VP123) and other obscure numbered waypoints from route calculation. Also ignoring half degree points like H5711 in north atlantic now. Simplified and optimized loading of routing network.
  • Fixed issue where a flight plan calculation resulted in not optimal routes. This happened when a nearby navaid connected to the airway system could not be found.

Flight Plan Export

  • Enabled departure parking position for MSFS flight plan export and import. Enabled check for parking position for MSFS export which shows a warning if starting on a runway. You can also set a fuel pad as starting position but note that runways and helipads as starting positions will be ignored by MSFS.
  • More relaxed user waypoint naming conventions for MSFS. Now allowing more special characters.
  • Corrected Aerosoft CRJ flight plan export as far as possible. Now exporting a list of waypoints instead of airway routes for MSFS CRJ to minimize issues when loading plan in aircraft. Adapted changed keywords in .flp file and compressing airway segments now. #632
  • Added export of modified PLN format for Integrated Simavionics / ISG devices and gauges.
  • Export option for MSFS PMS50 GTN750 Garmin added. This export saves the flight plan using a fixed filename fpl.pln.
  • Now always adding procedure entry and exit waypoints for flight plan export formats not supporting procedures like FSX/P3D PLN. User can an additional waypoint in the simulator if needed.
  • Corrected default flight plan pattern to use departure and destination ident if flight plan pattern is empty. Used departure airport ident wrongly before.
  • Changes to allow updates for new export formats.
  • Now clearing invalid procedures (red error message below flight plan table) before saving LNMPLN. Reloading a saved LNMPLN clears any error messages now.

Procedures and Scenery Library

  • Now fully recognizing SID and STAR from MSFS scenery library. Many thanks to icykoneko for implementing this. #649
  • Adapted loading of approach procedures and some airport structures to new MSFS changes since 1.16.2. This fixes the issue of empty and not selectable approaches in the procedure tab.
  • Constant turn radius legs in procedures are now correctly depicted for MSFS.
  • Fixed issue where some navaids did not get airport ident assigned if in different BGL file.
  • Other improvements for procedure drawing.
  • Added speed limit for MSFS procedure legs.
  • Now checking all MSFS procedures before saving in the database. A warning will be logged and the procedure will be omitted if not valid.
  • Now omitting closed dummy airport structures having no runways and no start positions which are used by MSFS as POIs.
  • Fixed issue where an error was shown when loading Library.xml files from add-on aircraft.
  • Library.xml files are now considered when excluding folders from loading.
  • Removed exception for invalid files in X-Plane CIFP path. Now simply writing a warning to the log file.


  • Fixed issue where tooltips and click regions for route preview were wrongly active when showing more than on logbook entry highlighted.
  • Added new airspace types MCTR, TRSA and GCA where GCAis for unknown and general types. #607
  • Function Center map on aircraft and next flight plan waypoint now uses defined box for aircraft and waypoint to avoid aircraft or next waypoint leaving screen space. More improvements to aircraft centering to avoid permanent updates or hanging view.
  • Corrected flight plan editing on map which could cause various issues if editing near a missed approach which is hidden on the map.
  • Removed wrongly drawn procedure point underlay (like overfly indication) from intercept point for legs.
  • Now updating online centers (transceivers) in VATSIM network every five minutes. Fixes issue where user had to restart LNM to update VATSIM centers.


  • Logbook entry now uses a separate aircraft trail which does not include previously flown segments from other flights.
  • Corrected storing of local real time in logbook. Now uses a time format with timezone (not shown in logbook search result table but in information window).
  • Avoiding crash if previously created logbook entry cannot be found on landing.

User Interface and General

  • Completely reworked web user interface. Now with mouse wheel zoom, a mode to follow the user aircraft and more. Big thanks to u-an-i for implementing this!
  • Now using new X-Plane TCAS AI and traffic scheme based on sim/cockpit2/tcas/targets datarefs. Note that X-Plane provides only limited information about AI or multiplayer aircraft. Only transponder code, position, groundspeed, vertical speed and heading are available. #525
  • Fetching transponder code for all simulators now.
  • Added transponder code to user and AI aircraft. Now showing in tooltips, information and map.
  • Added transponder code option to aircraft labels. Note that aircraft label settings are now reset back to default.
  • Added properties to transferred simulator aircraft data to avoid future incompatibilities when adding new values.
  • Increased data version to 11 to force incompatibility. This requires to update/install Little Navconnect and Little Xpconnect as well.
  • Added links in flight plan table header to quickly get information and jump to departure, departure parking and destination on map.
  • Added clickable airport link to procedure search header to get information and jump to airport on the map.
  • Corrected issue where airport files were not found in related documents folder when using translated file and folder names. Adapted all translations to this change.
  • Added new userpoint icons based on Bushtalk Radio categories.
  • Little Xpconnect: Offloaded loading of aircraft files and scanning for keys to separate thread to avoid blocking main thread on startup. This could have caused stutters when starting X-Plane.
  • Chinese translation revised. Thanks to Tong Hui and yudongx for their effort.

See the included CHANGELOG.txt file or here online for a complete list across all versions.

All files are checked by VirusTotal.