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2017-10-09, 10:00

Little Navmap 1.6.6 update released - airspaces for X-Plane

Direct download: Windows - macOS - Linux (64 bit)

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This update includes several bugfixes, small GUI improvements, a revised manual and support for the OpenAir airspace format for X-Plane.

Changes from Release 1.6.4 to 1.6.6

Version 1.6.5 was an internal beta release.

Little Xpconnect did not change.

Little Navconnect was updated to 1.6.2.


  • Added OpenAir airspace format compilation for X-PLane. Also reading airspace files from from YOUR_DOCUMENTS_DIR/Little Navmap/X-Plane Airspaces. You have to create the Little Navmap/X-Plane Airspaces directory manually.
  • Added new airspace types Wave Window and Glider Prohibited.
  • Removed restrictions on user defined waypoint names. Names are now adjusted according to flight plan format when saving.
  • Enabled user defined waypoint names for X-Plane FMS format.
  • Changed rating checkbox to drop down list in airport search.
  • X-Plane 3D airport state is now considered when calculating rating.
  • Added display of simulator type to connection status in statusbar.
  • Airspace buttons are now disabled if no airspaces are loaded.
  • Now clipping long airport and user waypoint names on map.
  • Removed no SimConnect header label in connect dialog.
  • Added display of AIRAC cycle to database dialog (X-Plane only).
  • Added scenery file display for airspaces in information window.
  • Added download button to update notification dialog.
  • Better error handling and reporting of too old files with version < 850 when loading X-Plane scenery. Now checking X-Plane CIFP filenames before loading.
  • Now showing dialog on certain crash types to avoid silent crash to desktop.
  • Made loading of add-on.xml more robust for files with wrong encoding.
  • Added coordinates to CSV export to clipboard from flight plan and search result tables.

Bug Fixes

  • Offline map themes Atlas and Simple: Fixed missing lakes in map.
  • Fixed problem loading FS9 flight plans.
  • Attempt to fix zoom distance creep while using moving map.
  • Fixed error in airspace copy process from older database schemes where bounding rectangle was messed up. This resulted in an Too many objects message in the statusbar.
  • Solved problem with gaps between SIDs, STARs and the respective transitions resulting in wrong display and distance calculation.
  • Fixed problem where STAR was not reloaded after database switch.
  • Fixed issue where airspace display was not updated when changing cruise altitude with empty flight plan.
  • Fixed user waypoint format for FLP so that it can be reloaded.
  • Fixed confusing 0 errors dialog appearing after loading X-Plane database successfully.
  • Fixed Connect on startup checkbox state not saved in some cases.
  • Fixed status bar connection indication remaining in disconnected state sometimes.
  • Fixed potential crash on failing network connection.
  • Calculate based on given altitude is working again. Previously failed with Cannot find a route.
  • Now correctly considering minimum and maximum altitude ranges when calculating to avoid non-overlapping airway altitude ranges in one flight plan.
  • Fixed error in flight plan saving logic where cancel did not stop saving.

See the included CHANGELOG.txt or here online for a complete list across all versions.

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