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Screenshots of new 2.6 Features

This page gives an overview of the new features for Little Navmap 2.6 releases.

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Little Navmap using style Night showing
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 functions.
Airport, taxiways, apron, parking spots, approaches and navaids are visible.
Image Image
PACOTS oceanic tracks visible on map, tooltip and information view.
Flight plan calculation window opened.
Multi-export configuration window open with context menu.
Image Image
Completely new flight plan calculation. Add remarks to flight plan waypoints or edit user defined flight plan points.
Image Image
New logbook functionality.
Attached trail, performance and flight plan files
with preview on the map.
New map context menu with sub-menus.
Image Image
Elevation profile information tooltip. Messages in status bar showing background tasks.
Opened on click or hover.
Image Image
Five to one degree grid map overlay with labels. New UIR and FIR airspaces instead of merged center type.
Image Image
New user interface functionality.
Fullscreen map, stay on top and more.
Tear off drop down menus in toolbar.
New connection dialog and
AI range configuration for FSX, P3D and MSFS.


Image Image Image
Reload aircraft performance on startup option. Change user interface language and raise windows on mouse over. Change user interface font and disable tooltips. Note scrollbar on the right.
Image Image Image
New map click and tooltip options. Show procedures for clicked airport. Select font for map and customize airways. New display options for airport diagrams, measurement lines and more.
Image Image  
Remove selection in flight plan window on timeout. Change suggested flight plan file name when saving or exporting.