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Screenshots of new 2.4 Features

This page gives an overview of the new features for Little Navmap 2.4 releases.

► Little Navmap and Little Navconnect Draft Manuals for 2.4 Versions

► Updated map Legend for 2.4 Versions

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Flight Plan

Image Image Image
Alternate airports. Alternate airports in route description.
Since version 2.4.1.beta.
Error tooltips for flight plan table.
Since version 2.4.1.beta.
Image Image
User defined final approach. Permanent performance collection and merge.
Image Image Image
Hide columns in flight plan table. Ignore VOR declination in flight plan display. Reset all for a new flight in one dialog.


Image Image Image
Whole airways can be highlighted like airspaces. ILS now has tooltip and information. Preferred runways in weather report.
A short form is also shown in tooltip.
Image Image Image
Optional display of alternate fuel units and
true course indications.
Options for alternate fuel units,
true course and new coordinate formats.
Web links and preferred runways for airport.


Image Image Image
Wind gust factor in airport weather symbols (red barb). Winds aloft forecast for display and fuel planning. Path to X-Plane weather file can
be changed now and settings for wind data download.
Optional tooltips for wind barbs.


Image Image
Logbook functionality with three entries selected
in search which are highlighted on the map.
Logbook statistics.
Image Image Image
Logbook edit dialog. Second page of edit dialog:
Fuel and weight.
Bulk editing logbook entries.


Image Image Image
Add holds at navaids or any place Hide user features like range rings.
Tooltips for holds and traffic patterns.
Export map images in high resolution.
Show airpaces from up to four sources including user airspaces.

Map Navigation

Image Image
Highlighted map navigation area and icons. Map navigation options.

Map Options

Image Image Image
Size for wind barbs and airport weather icons. MORA display options.
Markers for map navigation.
Flight plan labels.
Image Image
Assign user airspaces to online centers. Path and file extensions for user airspaces.


Image Image Image Image
Map page in Firefox browser
served by Little Navmap.
Flight Plan page. User aircraft progress page. Airport information page.
Settings page for webserver.

User Interface

Image Image Image
Close, open and move tabs. Error messages with more information in tooltip. New reset function replaces the need to delete the settings folder in case of issues.
Creates a backup before resetting.
Since version 2.4.1.beta.
New options to help new users and avoid confusion.