Little Logbook Help

Version 1.5

Little Logbook

Little Logbook is a view and extraction program for the flight simulator logbook. It allows fast and intuitive search and grouping of logbook entries based on several parameters as well as export to HTML, CSV and Google Earth KML documents.

The automatic import of logbooks from multiple simulator instances is supported. This includes FSX (Boxed, Acceleration, Gold), FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3d Version 2 and Prepar3d Version 3.

Additional information about airports can be shown together with the MakeRunways Utility by Peter Dowson. This also enables the export of Google Earth KML files.


An installer or setup program is not available.

Do not extract the archive into the folder c:\Program Files\ or c:\Program Files (x86)\ since you will need administrative privileges in some Windows versions. Since Windows keeps control on these folders other problems might occur like replaced or deleted files.

Extract the Zip archive into a folder like c:\Own Programs\Little Logbook. Then start the program by double-clicking littlelogbook.exe.

Little Logbook is a 32-bit application and was tested with Windows XP 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 8.1 64-bit.

First Start

When started the first time the program will detect the installed simulators as well as all logbook files and any files generated by the MakeRunways Utility. Afterwards the dialog Paths and Files will open showing a tab for each found simulator.

The dialog shows all detected files and allows to change the paths. Files that have a valid path and are readable are shown with a green checkmark Datei OK. Not existing files are shown with a red exclamation mark Datei OK.

The file contents are only checked when loading. Therefore make sure to select only the correct logbook and runways files.

When confirming this dialog all files with valid paths are loaded into the internal database of Little Logbook. Invalid paths are ignored.

At least one Logbook.BIN file should be given to use Little Logbook. All other files are optional.

Paths and Files

Picture above: The dialog Paths and Files shows a valid Logbook.BIN and a valid runways.xml file. The latter one is optional and enables the display of additional airport information. Only one simulator was recognized here.

The program remembers the selected paths. Little Logbook will reload all files into the internal database if any changes are detected during program start.

All logbook entries will remain in the internal database if a path or a file is deleted. These orpaned entries can be deleted using the Reset Logbook Database menu item.

MakeRunways Utility

Optionally install and run the MakeRunways Utility by Peter Dowson to create the file runways.xml in the FSX base directory. This allows to show and search for additional airport information and enables the Google Earth KML export.

Additional information that can be shown in the table view, is airport name, city, state and country. More information is available as a tooltip in the from and to ICAO field.

Airport Tooltip

Picture above: Airport information that will be shown when runways.xml has been loaded.

If the file runways.xml was found and loaded, it will be checked for changes and reloaded on demand.

The MakeRunways utility can be downloaded from Peter Dowsons page. Follow the installation instructions in the included readme file.



Open Logbooks ...

Open Logbook

Opens the dialog Paths and files. Any valid files will be loaded into the internal database of Little Logbook when confirming this dialog.

Reload changed Logbooks

Reload Logbook

Checks all files that were entered in the Paths and Files dialog for changes and reloads them if needed.


Exits the program after an question dialog which can be optionally disabled.


Toolbar Statusbar, Statistics and Search

Shows or hides the respective windows or bars. Little Logbook keeps track of these settings.

Show All

Show All Entries

The table view does not show all logbook entries initially. This menu item allows to load and show all entries. Only a part of the entries is shown again after a search filter is modified or the sort order is changed.

The number of all, visible and selected entries is shown in the status bar.

Reset View

Reset View

Resets the sort order, the column order and column widths back to the default view after showing a question dialog.

Reset Search

Reset Search

Deletes all search filters and shows all logbook entries again in the table view. See below for information about search filters.



A previously grouping is released and the tables view goes back to the normal view. See below about grouping.

Zoom In, Zoom Out und Default Zoom

Zoom In Zoom Out

Changes the font and cell height of the table view. Little Logbook remembers these settings.


Either all or only the selected logbook entries can be exported. If the shown logbook entries are limited by a search only this limited amount of entries is exported by using any of the menu items Export All as ....

Open Document after Export

All exported files will be opened in a suitable application if this menu item is checked. A web browser is used for HTML documents, Excel or LibreOffice Calc for CSV and Google Earth or Marble for KML.

Export All as CSV ...

Export Selected as CSV ...

The CSV export writes all columns in the same order independent of the view. This behavior differs from the HTML export.

The field separator is ; and " is used to mark text. The used codepage depends on the operating system settings. For western European Windows it is often Windows-1252.

Export All as HTML ...

Export All as HTML ...

The HTML export creates the exported document with the same column order and sorting, as shown in the current table view. This also applies to grouped views.

Columns that are resized to the minimum width are not exported. This is a way to change the exported document to a limited extent.

The HTML-Export will create a new file if the number of logbook entries exceeds 500. All exported files are linked together (paging). The number of entries per page can be changed in the confguration file of Little Logbook. See for more information at the end of this document.

Export All as KML ...

Export Selected as KML ...

A valid runways.xml is needed for the KML export. This function exports into a Google Earth KML file which allows the display of logbook entries on a map. A dialog is shown if logbook entries were omitted in the export due to incomplete information.

The following data will be exported for each logbook entry:

Certain aspects of the KML export can be adapted in the configuration file. See at the end of this file for more information.

Flight information Airport information

Picture above: Flight and airport information that is saved with the KML file and can be shown in Goole Earth.

KML Example

Picture above: All flights that start in Germany and have a destination airport in Spain.


Filter Logbook Entries

Incomlete logbook entries will be ignored when loading logbook files into the internal database if this option is checked. The following criteria apply for filtering:

The filter can be adapted in the configuration file of Little Logbook. See at the end of this document for more information.

Reset all Messages

All dialogs that have been turned off with Do not show this Dialog again check-box will be shown again.

Reset Logbook Database

Erases the internal database and reloads all valid Logbook.BIN and runways.xml files. Any orphaned entries from deleted files will be removed.



Shows this help.


Displays information about Little Logbook like links to the source code, the license and the log file.

About Qt

Displays information about the Qt Toolkit used for programming.

Search Filter

All filters can be used in parallel. The search filters can be linked with an and and an or condition. The filter for simulator (All Simulators) is independent of this setting.

Some search fields are hidden if the runways.xml of MakeRunways Utility file was not loaded.


Picture above: Filters that are displayed when the file runways.xml was found.

Searchbar without runways.xml

Picture above: The reduced search bar when runways.xml was not found.

Tooltip Help

A short tooltip help about searching is available above the labels From: and End:.


Simulator Selection

The combo box All Simulators will limit the logbook entries shown in the table view and the statistics window. Note that this is independent of the setting of the combo box All Conditions or Any Condition.

Search Patterns

The standard search filters for terms in the logbook that begin with the entered text.

The wildcard * stands for any text. Once a * is included in the term, the standard search is no longer used.

If the first character in a search box is a - that search is negated (find all entries that do not match).

Search Conditions

The setting in this combo box defines how the the search filters are to be linked. This combo box has no influence on the simulator selection.


Search Examples

Complex Search

Picture above: Search for all flights with the Beech Duke starting in Bella Coola that do not have a destination in the USA (K-region).

Table View

The table view has two views:

Grouped View

Picture above: The table view is grouped by plane description and sorted by number of the flights in descending order to find the most flown aircraft.


The header of the table view allows the following manipulations:

The program remembers the column widths and positions until Reset View is executed.


Picture above: The gaps between from airport and from country were reduced to minimum size. These are therefore excluded from the HTML export.


The following columns are displayed in normal view:

* These columns are only available when the runways.xml of MakeRunways Utility file has been loaded.


The status bar displays the total number of entries, the number of visible entries and selected logbook entries in the table view.


Context Menu

Certain items in the context menu of the table view are not always available. You cannot create any grouping by flight time for example because no meaningful result can be expected.

Context Menu


Copies the selected logbook entries in CSV format into the clipboard. This will consider changes to the table view like column order, visibility and sort order similar to the HTML export.

Select All

Selects all visible logbook entries. To select all available entries the function Show All has to be used first.

Reset View, Reset Search und Show All

The function of these menu items is identical to those on the View menu.

Filter by Entries including / excluding Text

Takes the text of the field under the cursor and sets the search filter for an including or an excluding search.

Group by Column or Ungroup

Allows grouping by a column. All the same values ​​in this column will be combined and the totals for other columns will be shown.

Thus, e.g. a grouping by aircraft description, the number of flights and total flight time will be displayed for each aircraft type.

Select the menu item Ungroup to return to the normal view.


This displays information about the entire logbook. The contents of this view can be copied as formatted text and then inserted into documents or web pages. The content of this window is influenced by the simulator selection.

The statistics window is a so-called dock window which can be attached to the main window at different locations or be removed from the main window.


Configuration File

The configuration of Little Logbook is stored in the file C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/ABarthel/little_logbook.ini. The changes described here are for experienced users.

Logbook filter settings:

These define which entries are ignored when reading a logbook file.


Settings group for the filter


Corresponds to the menu item


Ignore all entries that have an invalid date


All entries having shorter flight time than the given one will be ignored


Ignore flights if start and destination are empty


Ignore logbook entry when start and destination are the same


Ignore if start oder destination are empty

Export options:


Group for export settings. For more information about KML see the reference documentation.

HtmlPageSize         = 500

Maximum number of logbook entries per page when using the HTML export.

KmlDestIcon          =

KML icon for the destination airport

KmlDestIconScale     = 1.5

Size of the icon

KmlDestIconXHotspot  = 32
KmlDestIconYHotspot  = 1

Hotspot coordinates of the destination icon in pixel

KmlLineColor         = ff00ffff

Color of the line

KmlLineWidth         = 2

Width of the line in pixel

KmlStartIcon         =

KML icon for the start airport

KmlStartIconScale    = 1.5

Icon size

KmlStartIconXHotspot = 32
KmlStartIconYHotspot = 1

Hotspot coordinates of the start icon in pixel


This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see <>.