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Little Navmap 1.6.3 overview:

Little Navmap 1.6.3 Overview

Little Navmap 1.4.0.beta showing all new features like procedures and airspaces:

Little Navmap 1.4 Overview

Little Navmap 1.4.0.beta airspaces:

Little Navmap Airspaces

Little Navmap 1.4.0.beta approach procedure:

Little Navmap Approach Procedure

Little Navmap 1.2.4 with map and sourrounding docked windows showing airport Hamburg runway overview and ILS feathers:

Little Navmap Airport Overview

High level view of the airport diagram of EDDH (version 1.2.4):

Little Navmap Airport Diagram

Detailed view of the airport diagram. Shows blue gates on the right and a few green general aviation ramp parking on the left. Long displaced threshold of runway 33 is visible (version 1.2.4):

Little Navmap Close Airport Diagram

Little Navmap on Apple macOS (version 1.2.4):

Little Navmap on Apple macOS

Little Navmap on Ubuntu Linux (version 1.2.4):

Little Navmap on Ubuntu Linux

Little Navmap on Ubuntu Linux connected to a flight simulator (version 1.2.4):

Little Navmap on Ubuntu Linux connected to a flight simulator

Tooltip showing airport information (version 1.2.4):

Little Navmap Airport Tooltip

A complex search: Find all airports within a distance between 200 and 400 nautical miles from Frankfurt (EDDF). Airports should have a rating greater than 0 and should have at least one lighted runway. Military and closed airports are excluded. The resulting airports are highlighted on the map by selecting them in the search result table (version 1.2.4):

Little Navmap Complex Search

All dock windows removed from main window (version 1.2.4):

Little Navmap Windows Undocked

View at a Swiss airport using OpenStreetMap theme and hill shading (version 1.2.4):

Little Navmap Hill Shading

View at a Swiss airport using OpenTopoMap theme (version 1.2.4):

Little Navmap OpenTopoMap

Drag and drop route editing: Replacing VOR TRA in the flight plan with another one by simply clicking and moving the waypoint TRA onto KLO. Selection menu pops up for disambiguation (version 1.2.4):

Little Navmap Route Editing

Spherical map projection with Simple map theme selected (version 1.2.4):

Little Navmap Simple Map Theme